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Kevin O’Brien Optometrist

Kevin O’Brien Optometrist priority is to provide professional, quality eye care. We are committed to our patients’ visual health and not just to the supply of spectacles.

All examinations include a thorough assessment of both your vision and eye health. We also offer the latest techniques to enhance our evaluation of your ocular health; we recommend high resolution retinal photography for all our patients. This allows us to detect details not visible by standard methods and as these images are stored permanently on your record we are able to accurately compare your eyes’ appearance, from one visit to the next. We strive to enhance your experience as a patient by ensuring that you are properly informed about any procedures or treatments you may encounter during your visit.

Having a passion for quality, Kevin O’Brien also have an extensive range of eyewear. We provide a dedicated ‘one to one’ service to ensure that you receive expert attention. While choosing your frame our qualified staff will be able to advise you according to your prescription, face shape, colouring and life style requirements all in a relaxed and unhurried manner. Making the right choice is vital to feeling great about the way you look and the way you see!