Sarah Fenton- MTA

As a mobile travel consultant Sarah travels to where and when it suits her clients to discuss their holiday plans…their home, a café, local library or their workplace. She can book all types of corporate and holiday travel, from local short stays, to overseas tours, cruise holidays or something more adventurous. She is a full service agent so can look after requirements for visas, foreign currency, airfares, care hire, travel insurance, pre departure check-ins and anything else that may be required as a part of the total holiday experience. Sarah also speaks regularly at schools, Rotary, Probus and other special interest clubs and associations about her travel and business experiences.

Her services cost no more than any other travel agency operating from an office location, and are far more personalized and accessible. When you are planning your next getaway, large or small, why not call her to see how her experience can add value to yours.