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Street Address: Rutherford

Sharpen Powerful

Sharpen Powerful is a mobile service. We sharpen knives, scissors and edge tools. A sharp knife makes your job easier and safer.

Using the latest Tormek wet grinding system we give your knives razor like edges quickly and at your location. Your knife edge stays cold throughout the entire sharpening process, that means it stays hard. Because of this your knife stays sharper for a lot longer than other sharpening methods. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to sharpen your own knives, it can be time consuming and hazardous to your fingers.

We sharpen hair dressing scissors by hand. Using a Japanese ceramic sharpening stone and a leather strop we restore the edge of your scissors to a smooth sharp finish. They will perform just like new scissors at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Call Rod now to book your service 0490 794 376.