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The Maitland Mercury

The Maitland Mercury newspaper celebrated its 170th anniversary on January 7, 2013

This milestone is a journalistic achievement and a rare feat for a business.

All this began from a small building on the corner of High and Bulwer streets, Maitland which was the first home for production of the Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser published weekly with the first edition on Saturday, January 7, 1843.

Politics kept the Mercury afloat in its first year of publication and the Mercury’s proprietors Richard Jones and Thomas William Tucker, admit the newspaper’s existence commenced at a critical period when the colony held its first elections.

From January 1, 1846 the Mercury was published twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturday.

The paper moved to Hunter Street, Maitland – Mercury corner as it was called – in 1847.

After 50 years of steady growth in 1894, the Mercury was published as an afternoon daily for 95 years until 1989.

The next historic change occurred when the Mercury became a morning daily on June 5, 1989. At that time the Mercury was the oldest afternoon daily in NSW.

After 165 years on the corner of High and Hunter streets, the Mercury picked up and made the move to its news modern premises at 6/555 High Street, Maitland.

The Mercury’s team, which includes Walkley and Prodi award winning journalists, has moved into the modern publishing era and embraced online technology.

To top off a long list of achievements, The Mercury has also won the prestigious Country Press Association E C Sommerlad Memorial Award for editorial leadership and community involvement.