Seminars are an invaluable tool to ensure continuing development of you and your staff. They should be regarded as an investment rather than an expense – yes they’re an expense in your accounts and the cost is tax deductable. Studies show that ensuring your staff (and you) receive training suitable to your business and the skills required improves business performance and profitability – a win for you and your business – and also improves staff morale – a win for both you and your employee. How?

  • You can choose the skills you want your staff trained in, to ensure they are meeting the needs of your business
  • Better trained staff = better customer service, work safety and productivity improvements
  • You’ve demonstrated that you value your staff enough to INVEST in them, which increases staff loyalty and retention – a huge saving to you.
  • Your staff not only acquire new skills but their self-esteem will improve, making them happier and more productive
  • New skills opens up new and different tasks they are able to do, keeping them motivated and fresh – leading to more productivity. It also opens up positions with better prospects and pay.
  • A good company is seen as one that invests in a staff training program to obtain the best possible outcome with their staff, rather than constantly turning over staff.

Hunter Region Business Hub runs seminars and training events, both in our training rooms and your premises if you require more targeted training for a group of people. Many workshops are also available online for those who really are time poor.