Digital Business Solutions Program

  • Is your website and social media working for your business?

  • Could your business systems be simplified?

  • Are you unsure about your privacy protection obligations?

The Digital Solutions Program, (a new Australian Government Initiative), will help you answer these essential questions. Delivered by the Hunter Region Business Hub, this program empowers small businesses across Newcastle, The Hunter, Port Stephens and Central Coast to make the most of digital opportunities.

Supporting you in key business areas

  • Assess & suggest improvements to your website and online selling tools.
  • Help you create a digital marketing strategy that gets results.
  • Show you how software can save you time & increase your profitability.
  • Explain Online Security and Data Privacy in plain English.

Our goal is to help you increase your digital presence, profitability, sustainability and security.


How we help you

Kimberlie Clare-Campbell and Iain MacDougall are your highly experienced Digital Advisors. We are ready to help you navigate digital business solutions with unbiased practical business advice. Through the Digital Business Solutions program we can support you to assess your digital needs and develop an action plan to improve your digital skill set through a combination of

  • one on one consulting
  • webinars
  • hands on skill development workshops


Are you eligible?

  • Are you a Micro or Small Business with less than 20 employees?
  • Do you have a current ABN or ACN?
  • Is your business located in Newcastle, The Hunter, Port Stephens or Central Coast?

If you’ve answered YES to these 3 questions you can access this highly subsidised service (your investment for a 1:1 is only $27.50 incl. GST per hour) through the Hunter Region Business Hub. Our Digital Business Advisors will meet with you at your business premises or in your local area.

If you’re interested in getting the most out of your business’ digital efforts please book your free discovery call us now on 1300 304 794 (or click the button below).

Websites and eCommerce

Websites & eCommerce

  • Does your website look beautiful but doesn’t rank in google?
  • Do your clients know what you do within 6 seconds of landing on your site?
  • Is your eCommerce site traffic down, are your sales a bit slow?

To get a genuine unbiased analysis of your current website or eCommerce sites performance and learn what you can do to drive customers to your website and make more sales give us a call to book your website analysis.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Social Media & Digital Marketing

  • Do you struggle to post consistently in social media?
  • Is choosing the right Social Media platform for your business confusing?
  • When you do post do you feel no-one is listening?

We can help take the struggle out of Social Media and Digital Marketing by creating an easy to follow plan focusing on making the most of time and your brands strengths .

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

  • Can using software make your business more productive and cost effective?
  • Having you been looking at software solutions but are confused by all the bells and whistles?
  • Are you frustrated with the software packages your using not linking seamlessly together?

Finding the right software for the job is key to making your staff more productive and streamlining your processes. We have delved into small business software and can suggest programs that suit your needs and your budget.

Privacy & Data Security

Privacy & Data Security

  • Have you got a privacy policy on your website?
  • Do you know your responsibilities?
  • How do you know if your clients data is secure or if it’s been hacked?

As a business owner you have legal obligations to keep your clients data secure and report any breaches. You must also inform visitors to your website about your privacy policy and what information you keep about them and for how long. If it feels overwhelming don’t worry, we are hear to help you understand your roles and responsibilities without the jargon so you can protect your clients data and your business’s reputation.

Hands-on Strategic Digital Workshop for Small Businesses

Brand Blitz

In this hands-on intensive 4 hour workshop you will:

Discover why the secret to great business branding is your creative strategy

  • Work up a creative branding strategy that includes:
  • Clearly define your ideal target market
  • How to position your business brand for authentic customer experience
  • Learn how to discover the “Big Idea” of your brand and leverage your competitive advantage
  • Create compelling marketing messages aligned to your target market
  • Discover how to create the right marketing mix for your brand
  • Outline the action steps to implement your brand marketing plan over the next 3 – 6 months
  • Define your measurable results


Designer Tips – How to apply the top five designer tips to build the visual look of your brand.

Creative Communication Tips – How to apply the top five creative strategies to communicate your brand to your target market.


A brand Blitz Workbook for creating your strategy.

This workshop is being presented by Amanda O’Bryan, founder and creative director of the Award-winning creative services studio, Creative Queen Bees.

Hosted by Hunter Region Business Hub as part of the Digital Business Solutions program, a government initiative from by ASBAS (Australian Small Business Advisory Services).

HURRY only 15 places still available!

Build a Facebook Advertising Campaign that works!

In their May 2018 statistics, announced 15 million Australian users are active each month on Facebook – and in the first quarter of 2018 there were 2.19 billion active monthly users WORLDWIDE !

  •  I’m guessing it’s highly probable your potential clients are using Facebook every single day.
  • Wouldn’t it be great if you could place your products and services directly into the Facebook Timeline of your potential customers?

If you’ve said yes to the above, then it’s time you started building Facebook advertising campaigns to promote your business.

Now, if you’re currently “BOOSTING” posts in the hope of attracting new clients and sales – STOP! You’re wasting your money!

Facebook’s algorithm delivers BOOSTED posts to those people who are most likely to like, comment & share – they’re not necessarily your potential customers. A better strategy would be to learn how to build an advertising campaign, using the Facebook algorithm to place your ads directly in front of those people who would be interested in your products and services. And it’s relatively cheap to do this considering other paid advertising services – you can place a Facebook Ad for just $5 a day!

But there’s a technique to building advertising campaigns – do it incorrectly and again you’re wasting your money.

Come along on Saturday 25th August, for a 4 hour hands on workshop with Gillian Maxlow, Online Marketing and Business Growth Specialist at Maxedout Solutions, where she’ll show you how to correctly build a Facebook “Offer” Advertising Campaign.

  • Discover where they’re hanging out – which pages or groups have they liked
  • How to use the above information when building your Facebook Advertising Campaign
  • Step by step process on how to build a Facebook “Offer” Advertising Campaign

There’s never been a better time that RIGHT NOW to help people find your business on Facebook.

What do you need to bring for the workshop:

  • A laptop and charger (STRICTLY NO mobile phones or tablet devices – Facebook’s mobile software doesn’t provide enough information to build an ad campaign, and it’s awkward and clumsy to navigate through them – it’s just too frustrating)
  • A published Facebook Business Page offering products and/or services
  • A Facebook Ad Manager account, with a valid credit card attached. If you don’t have a Facebook Manager account right now, you’ll receive instructions prior to the workshop on how to setup this up.

Online marketing can help you to get more leads, grow your business, make more money, have more time, and live the life you want.