exploring your own boss

Exploring Being My Own Boss Workshops

Exploring Being My Own Boss Workshops

Are you aged between 18 – 24 years or a job seeker not in employment, education or training? Ever considered starting your own business?

Exploring Being My Own Boss is a workshop program conducted over two weeks (25 hours per week) and fully subsidised by the Australian Government Department of Employment. If you have a business idea, or dream of being your own boss take part and learn the practical skills to get empowered and start your own venture.

The ‘Exploring Being My Own Boss Free Workshops are designed to give you an understanding of entrepreneurship and self-employment to support those that have a business idea or dream of being their own boss.

This Workshop has been created to help young people learn practical skills of entrepreneurship and small business so that they are empowered to create their own employment opportunities. The content and topic areas in the guide have been selected to reflect the current needs of a new small business getting started in today’s business environment. It focuses on the soft and technical skill development of the individual so that they can be better prepared to go and create their own enterprise. Whether or not these skills are used for enterprise creation, young people will benefit from adding these skills to their repertoire whilst navigating the changing world of work.

Upon completion of the workshop there is also opportunity for complementary work placements where you can gain on-ground experience in a similar business or industry as your own start-up.

These free workshops will cover 10 key topics to give you an appreciation of how to start your own business and whether entrepreneurship is a viable career path for you. Contact us for more information or register your interest online.

Details about content covered in the workshop are listed below:

1 Getting Started 6 Startup Essentials
2 Idea Validation 7 Dollars & Sense
3 Brand & Design 8 Sales & Marketing
4 Going Digital 9 Pitching & Communications
5 Connecting to the Ecosystem 10 The New World of Business

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If you are interested in attending Explore Being Your Own Boss Workshops  please call 4936 2557

Or Email Reception@hunterregionbec.com.au

To download an Explore Being Your Own Boss Workshops application please click here and complete the form and email to Reception@hunterregionbec.com.au