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Hot Air Balloon Adventure in Hunter Valley
Thrill-seekers such as you and your friends should not settle for ordinary adventures. Add a little twist to your trip by incorporating elements of
fascinating sceneries, the laughter of your friends and a big hot air balloon.

Nothing spells ‘adventure’ better than a hot air balloon ride in Hunter Valley by Beyond Ballooning. A trip up in the air offers a one-of-a-kind experience
with your friends and loved ones.

Why Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride
A hot air balloon ride is one experience you and your loved ones should not miss. Beyond Ballooning offers a unique opportunity to celebrate special
occasions or simply hang out with your friends.

There is something magical about experiencing the sunrise through hot air balloon rides in Hunter Valley. Apart from the thrill of being in the air, you are
also rewarded with beautiful scenery of greenery mixed with touches of the sun. Just hop aboard our sturdy balloons and appreciate the beautiful
vineyards of the valley.

Our smallest balloons carry 2 passengers while our largest can accommodate 24 people, including the pilot. The flight generally lasts an hour, which
gives you more opportunities to revel in nature’s beauty, as well as snap a couple of photos.

What to Expect on Your First Flight
Your first hot air balloon ride offers the unrivalled feeling of freedom and exhilaration—memories definitely for the books.
First and foremost, you and your companions must be early on site. For morning travels, our team meets you earlier due to the milder weather. You
might not feel surefooted for a while, but the reward of a beautiful sunrise from up in the air is something you should not miss.

Before your Hunter Valley balloon ride, your pilot will tell you all that you need to know. The pilot will also go through the safety rules, what you can
expect before, during and after the trip, which often lasts an hour.

One of the best things to witness is the balloon inflating. Once you arrive at your departure point, you will see the crew preparing the balloons for
inflation. After the pilots engage the burners for heated air, the process usually takes 30 minutes before the balloons completely fill and rise above the
basket. The process alone is enough to entertain you and your friends.

Safety and Hot Air Balloons
Here at Beyond Ballooning, your safety is our first priority. We strive to keep all of our passengers safe during the entire trip. Our team of professional
balloon pilots only manoeuvre state-of-the-art hot air balloons made with sturdy materials.
In terms of weather conditions, we will not fly any balloons if the weather is less than agreeable. Our team continually checks the day’s weather patterns
through the Bureau of Meteorology. When the weather is unsuitable for a trip, we will postpone.