Web: www.datainseyets.com.au


Mobile: 0438653015


Street Address: Chisholm

Data Inseyets

At Data Inseyets we work smarter not harder to enable our vision of being a trusted advisor to all our clients. Our digital and holistic approach ensures this is delivered via every solution.

We untangle and connect data sources from any system to enable the development of holistic and automated data models.

Our value to you is two fold:
– We reduce your administrative tasks through process and data automation
– We give you insights into your business to allow you to make smart and value adding decisions

Our Core Competencies Are:
– Data Storytelling
– Data Integration & Blending
– Business Process Mapping
– Process Automation
– Data Modelling
– Digital Tools
– Data Health Check

Industries We Work In:
– Mining – 10 years
– Defence – 1 year
– Aged Care – 1 year
– Consultancy – 2 years