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Phone: 4932 0880

Mobile: 0414 694 537


Street Address: 315 New England Highway Rutherford, NSW 2320

Kirkwoods Institue of Karate

This is a program the Shihan Peter truly believes in. The program is designed to break down the barriers for Women and Girls who would like to start up in Martial Arts. What better way is there but to join a Girls only class? get fit and learn how to protect yourself at the same time.

The Fight like Girls class is a proven program of unique techniques and skills developed by Shihan Peter to teach women and girls to think smarter and get away from an attacker, abductor or abuser.  Our mission is to make a difference in the horrendous statistics of violence and abuse around the world through the teaching of self defence, life skills and the techniques of Kaizen Ryu Freestlye Karate.